Privacy Policy

Zaka Ullah apps (“we,” “us,” or “our”) provides services and software with a commitment to protecting its users’ privacy (“users” or “you”). This Privacy Policy is intended to clarify how we capture, store, use, handle, and protect user information (including personal information) when they use Android-based mobile apps.

This policy sets out all of the information about users’ personal information that we obtain or receive as they use the Applications and Services. Personal details are described as information that either identifies you or can be used to identify you when combined with other personal information that we have access to, such as your name, address, phone number, and email address, in this Policy.


The Information We Collect

We will collect your personal details and usage information in compliance with this Policy in order to provide and upgrade the Apps and Services, to the degree allowed by law and only when you use application functionality or use those functions and Services. We may not be able to provide you with our products or services if you do not provide this information.

The Information You Provide to Us

Device & Network Information
We will collect information about your computer, name and types of network, including its International Mobile Equipment Identity (“IMEI”), Identifier for Advertising (“IDFA”) and Identifier for Vendor (“IDFV”), Integrated Circuit Card Identifier (“ICCID”), type and version number of your operating system, Media Access Control (“MAC”) address, and modality.


Location Information
We may collect location data from your computer, such as the country code, latitude and longitude, network location, IP address, and the system country and time zone. This data will assist us in comprehending user delivery and consumption scenarios.


Log Information
We may automatically collect some relevant log information stored in the Application when you use some of our apps’ services (“Log Information”). Log Information can include I information about how and when you use the Services, as well as (ii) system statistics, such as essential activity routes, failures, crashes, language, and time zone. This Log Data is used to enhance the Facilities and is not used to classify individual users.

We may also include advertisements in our Services, and we may collect and use information about you for the purpose of monitoring these advertisements, such as your user identifier, MAC address, IMEI, geographic location, and IP address. This information will be used to build a unique user account that will enable us to better count and track ads based on language, geographic location, and other factors. This knowledge will not be marketed to third parties.

Third-party ads are displayed in our free applications. Please see our Ads partner’s privacy policy for more details.

Google AdMob

Unity Ads

To delete the advertising from the app, we urge users to upgrade to the pro edition.

Information Collected by Third Party Services

Third-party monitoring tools from our service providers can be included in the Services we offer to you. These third parties can collect and analyse user information on our behalf using Cookies, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), and Software Development Kits (SDKs) on our Services. Third parties which have access to your device identifier, MAC address, IMEI, area (defined as the place where a given language is spoken), location information, and IP address in order to provide our Services under their respective privacy policies.

How We Use Information
We collect user information and personal information so that we can provide you with our goods and services and comply with applicable laws. We will use your user credentials and personal details for the following purposes, as defined under “The Information We Collect”:

Services I To provide, process, manage, enhance, and expand our Sites and/or Services, including customer support and other services provided through our devices or our Sites, to you.

Statistical review (ii)

To create and evaluate statistics on how our products and services are being used in order to improve our products and services.
(iii) Provide location-based services. When you use our Services, we or third-party service providers may use your location information to provide you with the most up-to-date version of our Services and to ensure that you have a positive user experience.

(iv) To obtain your input. Your input is highly useful in assisting us in enhancing our services. To keep track of your feedback, we will contact you and keep records using the personal information you provide.

(v) Other goals. We will store and retain information about you in order to carry out our business and fulfil our legal obligations.

Information Sharing and Disclosure
We would never sell your personal information to a third party. We have no right to share or reveal your personal information to third parties in whole or in part unless it is for the following reasons: I protecting the security of others or their property; (ii) preventing or dealing with Internet fraud; (iii) protecting the legitimate rights and interests of our users; (iv) taking action in compliance with our objectives as defined in the Terms of Service

‘Complying with laws and regulations or requests by government departments or judicial authorities, which are typically designed to uphold Internet security, net neutrality, and our rights, property, and safety, our use of “The Information We Collect” section, provided that the recipient of any such disclosure by us is also bound by this Policy and can provide adequate protection for your information; complying with laws and regulations or requests by government departments or judicial authorities, which are typically designed to uphold Internet security, net neutrality, and our rights, property’.

Information Security
We will take appropriate steps to prevent information from being lost, misused, accessed without permission, or leaked. For example, to protect your personal information, some of our Services would use encryption techniques (such as SSL). You understand and agree, however, that (in the Internet industry), even though we will take all necessary security precautions, we cannot always guarantee that your information will be fully secure. You agree and accept that the device and communication network you use to access our Services can fail as a result of events beyond our control.

Special provisions for Brazillian LGPD and residents of California

If you live in California, we will provide you with a list of third parties to whom we have revealed or exchanged your personal information during the previous year free of charge. If you are a California resident and would like this list, please send an email to  with the subject “The right to privacy of a California resident.”

Data Retention and Deletion
We will maintain your information (including your personal details) as defined in the “How We Use Information” section or for as long as appropriate to provide you with our Services, subject to applicable laws and regulations. You will send an email to  to withdraw your consent to our collection, use, and disclosure of your personal information, or to request that we remove your personal information. We will process your request within a reasonable time after receiving your email or registered mail, and we will no longer collect, use, or disclose your personal information after that.​

Information about Children
We will never knowingly collect or request personal information from children under the age of thirteen (or any other age stipulated by law applicable to your region). Please do not give us any personal information, such as your name, address, phone number, or email address, if you are under the age of 13. Send an email to  if you think we have any knowledge about children under the age of 13.​

Amendments to this Policy

You accept that we will amend this Policy in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as our business decisions, and that you will be bound by any such revisions. Any major changes to this Policy will be posted on our Pages or communicated to you by other means. Please contact us at  if you have any concerns about this Privacy Policy or any other privacy-related issues.